To Love, Honour and Betray (Till Divorce Us Do Part)

To Love, Honour And Betray (Till Divorce Us Do Part) - Kathy Lette I finished this one really quickly, it was a fun book, and I do love my chick-lit. But it also made me feel sad and upset cos it had the biggest bitch them all (well in a while for me).I liked Lucy, even when she fell apart, started drinking and forgot about everything. She is in a foreign country and her husband walked out on her. No wonder she is upset, but I still love her, and I feel so sorry for her. Her oldest daughter blames her and verbally abuses her, when she is not baking. her youngest clings to that daddy is not gonna be gone long, wets her bad and have night terrors. It's a household in chaos.Luckily she gets a witty friend, and yes I can't remember her name...nope. Anyway I did like her even if I forgot her name. We get to meet other fun characters, like Lockie, the guys who holds this course so she can take her bronze medallion, and be able to save people on the beach. Of course I know the minute he walks in that he might be someone that she could fall for. When she gets over her idiot husband that is. But there is also Sebastian, 25, snobbish English, and who promises great sex. To the bitch then, Renee, her former best friend who slept with her husband and then lured him away, that woman makes me grind me teeth. No one can like her or feel for her. Every time she shows up I feel sorry for Lucy, and Renee always puts her down and says the most awful things. her husband is not any better since he is spellbound by Renee, still he is an idiot so who cares. Well I cared since Lucy loves him and I have no idea who she will choose in the end.The negative things about this book was also a positive thing. Every time people met, who disliked each other somewhat, or a lot, they gave these witty remarks. And honestly, yes they were fun but come on, put on the spot, with your husbands mistress, will you be able to say all those clever things? Everyone did it, and that part I didn't like, it didn't feel real. Still I also loved this part since they so hit the spot every time.But this was a book that made me laugh out loud and giggle. It made me feel for Lucy, and it was a fun ride while it lasted. The reason why i enjoy chick-lit so much, easy to read, and makes me laugh.