The Shamer's Daughter (Shamer Chronicles Series #1)

The Shamer's Daughter - Lene Kaaberbøl I had seen this one around, and then I saw the books in the library. On the youth side and I was like now, but then I thought later on why not. Why not read because I think I am too old to read something meant for 9-14 year olds. Never read any Danish fantasy so I gave it a shot.What a short and easy read, the book took now time at all. I could have finished the whole series in a short period of time, but I decided to read something else in the mean time. It was a good book, it kept me interesting, some danger moments, like when the dragon bit her, and she is running from the law. But not too much danger, and I would give this to my kids if I had any. it does suit everyone too. And it wasn't too simple to read for a grown-up. Kaaberol has done good with this one.I like her gift, if she looks people in the eyes she can see their shame, she can also make them feel shame by using her voice. That is why her mum gets called in, to find a murderer cos she would see it in his eyes. But this doesn't turn out as she had wished, and then Dina comes there too. It has a good evil character in Drakan, he is totally without shame, and cannot be touched by their power then.I will read the rest of this series too to see how it turns out, and it takes no time at all, so I like that. I now understand why I managed to read so many books as a kid.