Dagger-Star - Elizabeth Vaughan Red Gloves is a mercenary that together with her friend Bethral laves their country to go to Palins to find some work. This land is in turmoil after an usurper to the throne killed the royal family and tried to kill the high lords too. There has been some fighting but for now everything just stands still, an unsteady truce that will rupture at any moment. After buying a half dead slave the return to the barn and goat herder they had sheltered with. Josiah is living with his 5 goats in a burned out country, a land that fell hard in the beginning of the war and it's people are gone. But he has seen her birthmark and he will not leave that alone. She could be what he has been waiting for, and he is not either what he seems to be.I read and reviewed book 2 back in March and then I got this one, thanks Amy! :D Now some things started to make sense, like where those elves came from. The tricky question about red Gloves and why everyone talked about Josiah. Still book 2 can still easily be read before, you will just know certain things then when you read this one. But that doesn't matter at all since I was mostly wondering if they would end up together.Red Gloves can sure kick some ass, that is for sure. She is the big strong warrior in this book (though with a haunting past). Josiah is sad and vulnerable, and Red Gloves takes charge in this kind of relationship. Which is refreshing. Bethrael, well I really don't know about her, she is a side-kick, and she and the slave she rescued gets their story in book 3, so I guess it's there we would learn more about her. And I think that is needed. Of course we also meets the heroine from book 2, and I must say that those looks giving at the end would have had me curious about the next book.What I do end up thinking about is a certain high lord elf and his wife. I would so love to know their story since Evie And Josiah has some things to say about him. That is what leave me wanting, their story. It feels like she is teasing me and then ripping it out from under me.But in the end, this book has the romance, war, evilness and zombies (oh those zombies so had me in book 2, they are just creepy). I liked reading it and it made me wonder, if i enjoy this, then for sure I have to enjoy her war series since everyone says they are so much better.I am really getting into the whole romance fantasy genre, I mean there is romance, which I love. And fantasy and some fights. But in the end my heart belongs to high fantasy, I like the big fights, darkness, and everything. But you just can't compare them in the end, and I will love both. I just have to read more, this is only like my second book.