Exile's Return (Conclave of Shadows Series #3)

Exile's Return (Conclave of Shadows #3) - Raymond E. Feist This book is no longer about Tal Hawkins from the previous books, this book is about the man he defeated, Kaspar, the duke of Olasko. And Feist's fantasy saga continues.Kaspar has been sent by magic to the continent of Novindus instead of giving a death sentence. The former tyrant who murdered Tal's village seems to have no goodness in him, but this will change. He is caught by nomads but manages to escape and then start the long way home in order to seek revenge on Talk Hawkins. During his trip he will work as a farm hand, and slowly come to grasp the reality of his own people.But there is a dark power lurking in the shadows and the aim is to destroy Midkemia. The Riftwar or the Serpent war will not compare on the madness that would be unleashed.First, it was years since I read King Of Foxes, I have no idea what happened, or in the first book Talon of a Silver Hawk. I wanted to get the book in English but since it took forever I saw that they had it in Swedish...big mistake.I love Feist's books, I have re-read Magician every summer for 8 years, and it's the book I would take with me to an deserted island. But since I loved his books I tried them in Swedish, and the translation is bad. The translator writes them in a way like they are addressed to teens and kids. Which in this book is strange cos Feist gets into this philosophical discussion with a god, and it shouldn't be written so lightly.And yes I do love the cover, but then again it shows the market it's aimed at, the market all fantasy seems to be made at when it comes to Swedish books.If you have read it, do say and let me know what you thought. I have a hard time knowing if it's the translation that makes it so very boring, or if it's actually the book. I do have a hard time saying anything about this book.Well Kaspar redeems himself and I find myself liking him, then again I was never a big Tal fan. And we get to see Pug again and I do love Pug. The book leaves it open, or wide open for more and there is more. There is a war to be fought once more. I just hope I don't have to read that was in Swedish.