Mucho Caliente!

Mucho Caliente! - Francesca Prescott "Wish upon a Latin Superstar"Mucho Caliente! is author Francesca Prescott's first book, and she got the idea while in Ibiza. The result was a romantic comedy.Thirty-seven year old Gemma is leaving Geneva, and her cheating husband. She had dismissed a generous divorce settlement, and wants to start a new life. being financially independent, working with what she want to on a Spanish Island in the sun. What she hadn't reckoned with was being seated to famous Latin heartthrob Emilo Caliente on her way to Ibiza.Falling in love with an twenty-nine year old pop superstar was not part of her plan to start a new life for herself. Everything tells her to stay away from Emilio and his oh so lovely cinnamon kisses. His life is in turmoil, his single hit rock bottom and his manager seems to be crazy.But fate brought them together, and does she dare to risk her heart on a star when is seems to be the opposite with what she wanted to achieve?They must have thought I was crazy because while reading this book I sat with a stupid grin on my face and giggled every minute. But I couldn't help it, this book was hilarious, a pure giggle feast.I love Gemma, I feel like I am her, well younger, but still. She is insecure, she thinks like me, oh and many other women out there. She is normal which is perfect. And she is so funny, maybe it's cos it's reality and she has the same thoughts that made wander through my head when I wake up with bed hair, when I so need a shower, or when I wonder if my pores show.Emilio, well he is a hot one. I can't help falling for him and every bone in my body is wishing them luck and saying you go girl ;) I am holding my breath and wishing for a HEA. Because she deserves to be happy and loved. And as the book progresses I learn more about him, he is not just some superstar, he is a normal guy who wants to be loved like the rest of us."I don't like olives," whispers Emilio, kissing my eyelids." And from what I gather, neither do you. But I like stars, I believe in stars. And you, amor, you shine!".There is a lot of funny situations in this book, and there is a lot of things to make you giggle and make you weak in the knees.Besides it's not something I am particularly proud of - I once spent an entire afternoon watching certain sequences of his video clips frame by frame, just to see whether the rather frightening bulge in his leather trousers was an optical illusion, or something Guinness Book of Records should be made aware of.The love affair has its ups and downs, everything can't go right all the time now can it. I feel with them, and I hope with them, oh and laugh at them, between my grins and smiles.This book is a keeper, it will make you giggle, and feel all warm and tingly inside, I highly recommend it.4/5For more info visit Francescas websiteHer book can be found at amazon ,